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  • Menu - An easy-to-use system tray launcher

Disk Tools

  • CrystalDiskInfo Portable - disk health monitoring tool
  • CrystalDiskMark Portable - disk benchmark utility
  • dfgPortable (Freeware) - defragment disks with Defraggler®
  • HDHacker Portable (Freeware) - MBR and boot sector manager
  • JkDefrag Portable - Disk defragmentation and optimization
  • rcvPortable (Freeware) - file recovery with Recuva®
  • Rufus Portable - format and create bootable USB drives
  • Smart Defrag Portable (Freeware) - disk defragmentation and optimization
  • SSD-Z Portable (Freeware) - SSD information tool
  • UNetbootin Portable - create bootable Linux USB drives
  • UltraDefrag Portable - Disk defragmentation and optimization
  • WinCDEmu Portable - cd/dvd/bd emulator and ISO mounter
  • Wise Disk Cleaner Portable (Freeware) - disk cleaner and defragmenter
  • YUMI Portable - multiboot USB creator
  • YUMI-UEFI Portable - multiboot USB creator

File Comparison

  • Diffpdf Portable - compare PDFs textually and visually
  • Duplicate Files Finder Portable - find and remove duplicate files
  • Regshot Portable - registry and file comparison
  • WhatChanged Portable (Freeware) - registry and file change tracker
  • WinMerge Portable - file comparison and merging
  • WinMerge 2011 Portable - file comparison and merging

File Compression & Packaging

  • 7-Zip Portable - Multilingual file archiver and compressor
  • FUPX Portable (Freeware) - advanced executable compression
  • PeaZip Portable - Easy to use file archiver and compressor
  • AppCompactor - shrink apps without affecting functionality

File Managers

  • CubicExplorer Portable - advanced file manager
  • Explorer++Portable - multi-tab file manager
  • FileVoyager Portable (Freeware) - full-featured file manager
  • FreeCommander Portable (Freeware) - easy-to-use file manager
  • Q-Dir Portable (Freeware) - quad pane file manager
  • Xenon File Manager Portable - portable file browser

Font Tools

  • FontForge Portable - Outline font editor


  • Ant Renamer Portable - Advanced file renaming utility
  • AquaSnap Portable (Freeware) - Screen productivity enhancement
  • Autoruns Portable (Freeware) - configure autorunning apps and more
  • BabelMap Portable (Freeware) - Unicode character browser
  • BleachBit Portable - cache, temp file and history cleaner
  • BOINC Portable - help science research using your computer
  • CamStudio Portable - screen recorder and video producer
  • ccPortable (Freeware) - assists with running CCleaner® portably
  • Checksum Control Portable - create and verify MD5/SFV checksums
  • Clicky Gone Portable - easily hide running windows
  • Colour Contrast Analyser Portable - analyze color contrast & readability
  • Command Prompt Portable - Simple link to a customizable command prompt
  • Console Portable - console window enhancement
  • ControlPad Portable (Freeware) - Run commands and apps with your numeric keypad
  • Converber Portable (Freeware) - convert units of measurement
  • ConvertAll Portable - convert units of measurement
  • CopyQ Portable - clipboard manager with advanced features
  • CPU-Z Portable (Freeware) - system profiler
  • DebugView Portable (Freeware) - system debug output monitor
  • Disk Cleaner Portable - cache, temp file and history cleaner
  • Ditto Portable - clipboard manager and extender
  • DM2 Portable - window control enhancer
  • Don't Panic! Portable - one-click application hider
  • dotNETInspector Portable - show which .NET frameworks are installed
  • DUMo Portable (Freeware) - update local drivers
  • FastCopy Portable - fast file copier and remover
  • FileAlyzer Portable (Freeware) - detailed file analysis
  • [email protected] Portable (Freeware) - distributed computing project
  • GeekUninstaller Portable (Freeware) - local software uninstaller
  • Ghostscript Portable - Postscript and PDF interpreter
  • GPU-Z Portable (Freeware) - graphics system profiler
  • grepWin Portable - regular expression search and replace
  • Gridy Portable - snap your open windows to a grid
  • HWiNFO Portable (Freeware) - software/hardware info
  • IObit Uninstaller Portable (Freeware) - uninstaller and cleaner
  • IObit Unlocker Portable (Freeware) - unlock undeleteable and unmovable files
  • jPortable (Freeware) - Java virtual machine made portable
  • jdkPortable (Freeware) - Java Development Kit (JDK) made portable
  • jPortable Browser Switch - Enable or disable jPortable's Java browser plugin
  • jPortable Launcher - Run Java JARs portably
  • KCleaner Portable (Freeware) - local PC cleaner
  • Lightscreen Portable - easy to use screenshot tool
  • Listary Portable (Freeware) - find-as-you-type search for Windows Explorer and more
  • OpenJDK Portable - Java development kit
  • OpenJDK JRE Portable - Java runtime environment
  • PCI-Z Portable (Freeware) - pci devices profiler
  • QwikMark Portable (Freeware) - quick system benchmark
  • RAMMap Portable (Freeware) - physical memory usage analyzer
  • Rapid CRC Unicode Portable - CRC/MD5/SHA hashing
  • RBTray Portable - minimize apps to the system tray
  • RegAlyzer Portable (Freeware) - registry editor
  • ReNamer Portable (Freeware) - powerful file renaming tool
  • Resource Hacker Portable (Freeware) - binary resource editor
  • Revo Uninstaller Portable (Freeware) - easy to use uninstaller
  • Shortcuts Search And Replace Portable - Search and adjust shortcut paths
  • SIW (System Information for Windows) Portable (Freeware) - software/hardware info
  • specPortable (Freeware) - system information tool with Speccy®
  • SpeedyFox Portable (Freeware) - speed up Firefox, Thunderbird and more
  • Startup Sentinel Portable (Freeware) - local startup manager
  • SUMo Portable (Freeware) - update local apps
  • Texter Portable - text substitution utility
  • TidyTabs Portable (Freeware) - tabbed window manager
  • TinyTask Portable (Freeware) - simple macro record/playback
  • TreeSize Free Portable (Freeware) - disk usage analyzer and cleanup tool
  • TyperTask Portable (Freeware) - text substitution utility
  • UUID-GUID Generator Portable - generate unique identifiers
  • Virtual Volumes View Portable - drive and disk cataloger
  • VirtuaWin Portable - virtual desktop manager
  • WhoDat Portable - WHOIS lookup client
  • WinDirStat Portable - disk usage analyzer and cleanup tool
  • Windows Error Lookup Tool Portable (Freeware) - find windows error code details
  • winMd5Sum Portable - check md5 sums to verify files on the go
  • WinObj Portable (Freeware) - NT Object Manager Viewer
  • Wise Data Recovery Portable (Freeware) - data and file recovery
  • Wise Program Uninstaller Portable (Freeware) - local software uninstaller
  • Wise Registry Cleaner Portable (Freeware) - registry cleaner and optimizer
  • WizTree Portable (Freeware) - disk space analyzer
  • Workrave Portable - repetitive stress injury prevention
  • XN Resource Editor Portable - lightweight binary resource editor
  • xpy Portable - system settings tweaker
  • Zint Barcode Studio Portable - barcode generator
  • ZSoft Uninstaller Portable (Freeware) - uninstaller and cleaner


  • DynDNS Simply Client Portable - update DynDNS hostname IP
  • TCPView Portable (Freeware) - TCP connection analysis
  • WinMTR Portable - network diagnostic tool

Remote Connectivity

  • 2X Client Portable (Freeware) - remote server and RDP access client
  • TeamViewer Portable (Freeware) - remote PC support and screen-sharing


  • DSynchronize Portable (Freeware) - directory synchronization
  • FreeFileSync Portable - file and folder synchronization
  • Synkron Portable - file and directory synchronization
  • Toucan - backup, sync and encrypt for advanced users

Task Managers

  • Daphne Portable - process explorer, killer and debugger
  • DTaskManager Portable (Freeware) - advanced task manager
  • Process Explorer Portable (Freeware) - task manager and process analyzer
  • Process Hacker Portable - advanced task manager
  • Process Monitor Portable (Freeware) - real-time file, registry and process monitor
  • System Explorer Portable (Freeware) - task manager and process analyzer
  • VMMap Portable (Freeware) - process memory analyzer

Time Wasters

  • WinPenguins Portable - penguins running around your desktop

Timers and Clocks

  • Cook Timer Portable - simple countdown timer
  • SnapTimer Portable (Freeware) - countdown timer

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