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Just small python bot client for socket-based agario

Project description

## agario-python-bot
##### Lightweight client library for writing agario bots in Python
##### socketio server:
##### installation: pip install agario-bot
#### Examples
###### Simplest cycle bot
from import BotClient
b = BotClient('prettygoo', wait_rate=0.1)
surroundings = b.get_visible_surroundings()
while True:
surroundings = b.get_visible_surroundings()
surroundings = b.get_visible_surroundings()
surroundings = b.get_visible_surroundings()
surroundings = b.get_visible_surroundings()
###### Scary bot, just runs away from everyone one the gameboard
from agario_bot.examples.scary_bot import run_scary_bot
##### BotClient arguments
- float:speed_rate - time to execute movement, 1 - one second
- float:wait_rate - time to wait before server response on client emitted socket
- list:cells - players
- mass - will be removed
- string:host - default localhost ( will not work on Windows, is highly likely not to work as well)
- int:port - must be None for real server deployment

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