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Recruit, Fight and Win! Repeat. A charmingly strategic war game. Pocket Troops is a humor-filled tactical war game that offers a unique family-friendly experience where no trooper dies in battle. Step into the role of commander as you recruit, train, and equip your ideal army and fight intense, bite-sized battles. The way your troopers perform in battle is a direct result of the skills you’ve acquired and developed. Strategize how to uniquely approach each battle based on the enemy’s strengths and your troopers’ equipment. Customize your tactics and select the strongest combination of weapons and skills to provide the best chance of victory. Cross your fingers and cheer for your squad! Pocket Troops was inspired by our desire to make an uplifting, tongue-in-cheek war game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Pocket Troops invokes a feeling of familiarity, utilizing musical instruments often not found in war games, casual and cartoonish graphics, witty one-liners, and tough, stylish characters. Although the battles are small in nature, pulling off a win feels epic. Riddled with battlefield humor, the game feels aesthetically familiar, yet creates a unique experience for players while redefining what the war game genre is all about.

Amazing Pocket Hack Version Download Full

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  1. Press the download button and get the game for free. What is Minecraft pocket edition APK? This game is all about building castles with amazing blocks and preparing an army for the defense. Make your army even more powerful with incredible upgrades and conquer the universe. Is Minecraft Pocket edition safe? It is absolutely safe to download.
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