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How many times did you saw “Failure enabling speedhack dll injection failed”? Now you will see how to enable speedhack in Chrome browser. Google Chrome is a bit different from other browsers, as it has different method of handling opened tabs. In fact, Chrome based browsers open every tab or add-on in sandbox mode, which is very limited environment. For example, they do not have access to hard drive. It is very useful for stability and security of the browser, but it make it harder to find right process or to use speedhack in Chrome. If you try to use Cheat Engine speedhack on some process in Chrome, you would see error message like this:

Failure determining what realgettichcount means

Or another version of the same error: “Failure enabling speedhack .dll injection failed”. As we said, tabs opened in sandbox mode do not have access to hard drive, which is required to use speedhack, because CE is injecting .dll file. As a result, there is failure enabling speedhack.



To make it work, first we have to start Chrome in normal environment. It can be done by starting our browser with command line flag. The parameter we need to add is “-no-sandbox“.

In Windows OS, first we have to close any running Chrome process in Task Manager. After that, follow this steps.

  • Make a copy of Chrome shortcut and place it on Desktop
  • Rename it if you want (this is not necessary, but it will be easier for you to know which shortcut is for no sandbox mode).
  • Right click on newly created shortcut and click on Properties.
  • In Properties window, you should see Target text box, with Chrome executable file path already written in.
    At the end of the path, after mark, press Space, and add -no-sandbox.
  • The full path should now look like this:
  • Apply changes that we made, and close Properties window.

    Google Chrome Properties

After you start our new shortcut, Chrome browser will warn us about no-sandbox mode that is activated. Just ignore this warning, and continue with the final step.
Now we only have to find right process in CE. If you don’t know how to do this, just follow this tutorial (How to find right process in Chrome with Cheat Engine).
And that’s it. In CE click on Enable Speedhack, and .dll injection will work.

P.S. In most online games, speedhack won’t work, because they only use server time. As an example, in most games where you get one energy point every fire or ten minutes, when you use speedhack, you will get one energy point every ten seconds or so. But after some time, or when you log in again, energy will be reseted to correct value.

P.S.S. If you have to open no-sandbox Chrome on different OS, you can find tutorials on The Chromium Projects web (LINK).

Happy cheating.

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