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Xmodgames is one of the most simple to use game cheating tools for Android devices and also one of the very few ways to run farming bots for online games. It does not work for every game, but is incredibly easy for beginners and a good alternative to modded / hacked APK files. – ROOT is required.

Game Hacker Features

- Most beginner-friendly app to hack games, easy to use, easy to understand.
- Intuitive and simple user interface that looks and feels good.
- Multiple different search modes and value types, very comprehensively explained process.
- Normal Mode (NM): For searching for a single known value of one data type.
- Combined Mode (CM): For searching several values in a set range.
- Fuzzy Scan Mode (FZ): For searching values according to numerical variation (increased, decreased, unchanged ect)
- De-Encryption Scan Mode (DE): For searching encrypted values.
- Supported value types : DWord (0 – 4294967295), Word (0-65535), Float (decimal points), Depth/Auto (auto select value type).
- Fastest scanning times among memory editors on Android so far.
- Auto update functionality.
- No highly advanced game hacking functionality, but covers the basics for sure.

About SB Game Hacker

This awesome game cheating app was created by a team calling themselves SBTools, hence the name SB Game Hacker, or Game Hacker (short). We do not currently know too much about the creators, except that they are probably Chinese, as the license agreement is written in mandarin.

Game Hacker is certainly your best option among memory editors, if you have never used one before and want to start trying to hack games. – This app will guide you through the process without requiring to bring and experience or prior knowledge about memory editing to the process. The app automatically attaches to the game process, and seamlessly guides you through scanning for values without any tutorials or holding your hands, simply through an intuitive and frankly geniously well-crafted user interface.

Overall, SBGH is highly recommended for beginners and pros alike.

Game Cheating Software / Memory Editor / Video Tutorial

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The perfect App for Hacking Game Money, Gems ect. - Video Tutorial
Free download hacked games

GameGem is a simple and easy to use game hack app for iOS games and allows the user to scan / edit values for money hacks, god modes, gems and many more kinds of cheats in most games. – Jailbreak Required.

GameGem Features

- Value Scanning (auto, integer, float)
- Fuzzy search for unknown values
- Exact value search / Accurate Search for known values
- Value freezing
- Speedhacks, time hacks can be enabled
- Easy to use, good UI
- Multiple / Mass Value editing possible
* Comes with small ads at the bottom
* Jailbreak required

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About Game Gem

For the iOS platform GameGem is without a doubt one of the best game hacking tools out there. – This app is not only fairly easy to use and includes all the basic functions that you would expect from a memory editor, such as value scanning in all value types, speedhacks, system clock speed hacks, fuzzy search, value freeze function and easy installation, but on top of that GameGem is completely free and gets updates regularly to be compatible with the latest iOS updates and releases. You can expect this app to work for offline games. GameGem is not able to hack online games, if they store money/gem values on their servers.

As any other game hack app for the iOS platform, GameGem requires a Jailbroken device with a modded app sotre, such as Cydia installed. – There is no way around this, since game cheating tools are generally not accepted into the Apple app store and would not be granted the required privileges to change memory in other apps either. As always we recommend only jailbreaking a phone/pad that is old and not connected to your main apple account.
Sadly, the app comes bundled with ads, but those are not very annoying. You can expect a small wide banner at the bottom of the app. – This is how the developers of the app are making money on a great app that they created and that seems fair enough.

Free Download Hacked Games

Overall, the app is highly recommended and certainly one of the best apps of its kind on iOS.

Game Cheating Software / Memory Editor / Video Tutorial