Choose a tag to compare. Search for a tag. Zero1UP released this on Dec 27, 2019 1 commit to master since this release. Fixed a bug that could cause an 'original' version of the game to crash on PCSX2. Mar 04, 2021 Download the patcher referred to as Tellipatch (version 1.0 as of March 19th, 2021 ). Extract the zip file anywhere on your PC. Insert your PS2.hack//fragment DVD into your PC. Using ImgBurn, click on Create image file from disc option. From this screen, you will see your disc drive at the top. Download: is all you need to host and play.

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Introducing the Area Server
This copy of the Area Server is completely translated and fully usable and ready to connect to the Netslum Lobby. This program will allow you to host your own area server so you can play with your friends. Because it has already been run and unlocked via Disc Authentication, there's no need to do that yourself. Just make sure you port forward.
In your router, log in and go to the port forwarding section, forward the TCP/UDP port 20000 in start and end.

In these new releases, OLD saved files do not carry over. You will have to start back at level 1.
A big thank you to Vi and Alice for providing the translated words for Monsters, Keywords, Items, Weapons, and Armor that would normally have been incredibly tedious to gather. Without their spreadsheets of the infinite cosmos I would be working on this for months like I had the last time!

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This version doesn't really add anything new. The entire purpose of this update was to translate a fresh new AS from the original Japanese variant. People complained of mouse problems that is suspected of originating from the previous versions. The previous versions were modded, gutted, and reworked AS versions from one of the Coldbird builds. It had all of its assets ripped out and the old ones shoved into it. That being said there could have been some lingering code in there we didn't know about that could have been causing the issue. As a consequence we will be losing the Desktop translations but that isn't too big of an issue. I tried to translate them but it broke the file entirely and risked nearly destroying this entire re-work I did. I'm giving 1UP special credit this time round because he not only patched the IP of the fresh AS but he also developed a tool specially for this version. Consider this one the new main build and enjoy!
WV'stoolNO LONGER WORKSas of this version. You will not be able to use the IP patcher.
**Fixed an error where the text flew off the screen. (Get the fuck back on the page, please)

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About This File

This is my custom made CT tables for Cheat Engine to be used with a vanilla copy of .hack//fragment on PCSX2.

  • Load up PCSX2 and run the game like normal
  • Load up Cheat Engine, click File > Open Process, choose PCSX2; there will be two, either works.
  • Open the file from this download extension .ct
  • Go into OFFLINE Mode, do not use these while playing in ONLINE Mode, don't worry, your character data will transfer over fine between Offline/Online.
  • Get into The World and go to the root town.
  • In the Cheat Engine screen, click on the value for 'Your EXP', whatever your current EXP is will be here, give yourself 1000 and press enter.
  • Your character will have just leveled up by +1.
  • You can change 1000 to whatever you want, note that each level is 1000, so giving yourself 15000 will make your level 1 character, level 16.
  • Do not exceed 27000, the game ignores certain larger values after 27,000 but you can repeat process till you get to level 99
  • The same can be done with your offline NPC's on your party, but they must be in your party to work.
  • Also you can change your GP, or gold points, in the game.

Good luck have fun!