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Free and safe download. Download the latest version of the top software, games, programs and apps in 2021. 9/10 (2176 votes) - Download Hack App Data Android Free. Hack App Data allows us to modify data and information within Android applications. It later allows us to generate copies of the modified apps in APK format.

Android is one of the best-operating systems for mobile. Not only because it provides best UX but also because it can become fully functional computer machine when you root your phone giving you complete access to your phone. There are certain hacking apps for android that can possibly make hacking easier in android. You can use your android phone for a number of things whether it be for watching movies, editing documents or hacking. Most of us think that how is it possible to do hacking with an android phone but it is possible. Let’s see how?

Apps for Hacking are easy and free to use. Normally, hackers use Linux based operating system for the hacking purpose. And Android is also a Linux based operating system! making it easier for you to hack in the similar way as you hack into a computer. There are so many apps available in the market but I have listed only the best hacking apps for android to get you started. You can hack almost anything with these apps like hacking a wifi, hack a website or hack other apps too.

Based on reviews and user rating, here are some ethical hacking apps and tools that you can download from Playstore or APK link provided.

Disclaimer: The apps listed are only for educational purpose. If any app is used for unethical purpose it is not our responsibility.

Hack Applications Free Download For Windows 7

  • LuckyPatcher

This app is a has many interesting features. You can mod any game or app according to you. Other features involve: making applications pro by applying a custom patch, bypass in-app purchaser and purchasing anything in the app, moving an application to SD card with a single click, block ads from app and many more. This app is not available on playstore and can be downloaded from the link provided. If you want to Hack any game by SBGAME Hacker App then go through the article.

Find the Download link of this app from here: LuckyPatcher

  • AndroRat

ANdroRat is one of the oldest top free hacking apps for android. Its name is a combination of Android and Rat (Remote Access Tool). The app enables you to get info and control android system remotely and fetch information from it. This app runs right after the boot so the user doesn’t know that AndroRat is running in his phone, just install it once without the knowledge of the victim. This app provides various features such as get all the contact information, all the logs, check out browser history, receive or send messages, do a toast, make a call, vibrate the phone, take photos from the camera and many more. Just in case you want to know how to Hack your Browser to Block a Website!

Find the Download link of this app from here: Androrat

  • FlyGPS

This app allows you to fake any location in the world with a click of a button. This app was very popular during Pokemon Go because it allowed users to change the location and move around the world by sitting in just one room. FlyGPS is available on google playstore.

Find the Download link of this app from here: FlyGPS

  • Hackode

This app is a collection of multiple hacking tools that can be used for a penetration test, IT specialist or Cybersecurity professional to perform tasks like reconnaissance, scanning performing etc. This app contains different hacking tools like Google hacking, DNS lookup, whois, exploits etc. It is a great hacking app that can be used for hacking and the best thing is that doesn’t ask for your personal information.

Find the Download link of this app from here: Hackode

  • zANTI

zAnti is a well known android hacking toolkit from Zimperium. This software has a collection of tools that are used for penetration testing purpose. You can easily search for a network with this mobile app. This is really easy to use mobile toolkit that enables IT Security Administrators to simulate an advanced attacker to identify the suspicious technique they use to compromise the corporate network.

Here is another post that you may be interested into Backup your Google Playstore Apps so that they can be installed afterwards without downloading them again!

zAnti is similar to backtrack but for Android devices. As soon as you will login to zAnti it will either sniff the websites being visited along with the cookies or will map the entire network.

Find the Download link of this app from here: zAnti

  • cSploit

cSploit is the most complete and professional toolkit for Android. it comes with a bundle of features like finding the vulnerability, exploits, WiFi password and many more. However, it only works for rooted Android.

Find the Download link of this app from here: cSploit

  • FaceNiff

As we all know wifi’s are not safe. And this app uses wifi to hijack the sessions. FaceNiff will intercept web session over WiFi that your mobile is connected to. Its a much easier to use Android app then Firesheep. This app also requires a Rooted phone. This app is very user-friendly and phone dependent. FaceNiff can be used to sniff into people’s Twitter, Facebook, and other social media account and websites. Go through an article to know how to Hack WiFi Password And Network.

Find the Download link of this app from here: FaceNiff

  • Shark for Root

This is a wonderful app that is used to keep track of activities of other devices. This app works as a traffic snipper and works in any mode such as 3G, WiFi or tethered mode.

Find the Download link of this app from here: Shark for Root

  • DroidSheep

Developed by Andreas Koch, Droid Sheep is an excellent hacking tool for security analysis in WiFi network. You can sniff into the others sessions or cookies connected to the same WiFi network using this app. Using droid Sheep is very simple, you just have to press start and DroidSheep will act as a router to monitor and will monitor and intercept all the network traffic and displaying all the active session profiles. Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts can be sniffed using this app.

There is another version of this app by the name of DroidSheep Guard which enables you to protect yourself from spoofing by the apps like FaceNiff, Droidsheep.

Find the Download link of this app from here: DroidSheep

  • Apkinspector

This app can be used for analysis of Android applications by reverse engineering tricks. With this app, you can get the analysis and graphics features for users to get deep insight into the app. You can get the source code of any app by using Apkinspector.

Find the Download link of this app from here: ApkInspector

  • Nmap

Nmap is for both rooted and non-rooted devices. But having a rooted device will give you access to more features. This is one of the most popular apps for network scanning. Nmap was originally developed for Unix OS but is now available for Windows and Android.

Find the Download link of this app from here: Nmap

Hack applications free download windows 7
  • SSHDroid

SSHDroid is a Server implementation for Android that let you connect to your device from desktop and execute certain sets of commands or edit files. There are two versions of the app: Free and premium. The premium feature provides certain features like shared authentication, WiFi autostarts whitelist, notification control etc.

Find the Download link of this app from here: SSHDroid

  • Wi-Fi Kill

It is one of the coolest hacking app available on Android Market that allows you to kill all the other user’s wifi connection. You just need to download this app and with its simple interface blocks the packet data going to other devices with a single button. Before you go further you know there is a way by which you can see who is using your WIFI on Windows!

Find the Download link of this app from here: WiFi Kill

  • Termux

Termux combines powerful terminal emulation with an extensive Linux package collection such as the bash and zsh shells, Edit files with nano and vim, access servers over ssh, run text-based games with frotz and many more.
At first start a small base system is downloaded – desired packages can then be installed using the apt package manager. Access the built-in help by long-pressing anywhere on the terminal and selecting the Help menu option to learn more.

Find the Download link of this app from here: Termux

  • Kali Linux NetHunter

Kali Linux Nethunter is the first of its kind open source penetration testing platform for Android. It’s from the developer of Kali Linux but for Android. You will have full power, portable and inexpensive penetration testing platform.Here is a guide to learn to hack Android Phone using Kali Linux.

Find the Download link of this app from here: Kali Linux Nethunter

  • Fing Network Scanner

This app definitly needed to be placed in hacking apps for android list. It is one of the top and most popular network scanning app to detect which devices are connected to the WiFi network, map devices, detect an intruder, and many. This app comes with a collection of hacking tools such as WiFi scanner, port scanner, DNS lookup, ping and service monitoring etc. It is the must-have app if you wanna learn to hack.

Find the Download link of this app from here: Fing Network Tool

Hack Applications Free Download Windows 10

  • USB Cleaver

USB cleaver is a free hacking apps for android which is capable of stealing information from connected Windows PCs. It can be used for getting WiFi password, network information and browser password etc.

Find the Download link of this app from here: USB Cleaver

  • DroidBox

DroidBox is an app that offers dynamic analysis of Android Applications. After analysis, the app can provide hashes for the analysis, file read and write operations, send SMS and phone calls and many more.

Find the Download link of this app from here: DroidBox

  • Orbot

Hacking Apps for Android list is not useful without adding an App that hides your IP address. It is a must-have app that enables to do anonymous browsing. Orbot is available for free and is developed by The Tor Project for internet freedom. Basically, it will hide your real IP address and allows you to browse the internet with random proxies.

Find the Download link of this app from here: Orbot

  • Whatscan for Whatsweb

If you want to hack WhatsApp account and monitor all the incoming and outgoing messages then this app is for you. Whatscan is a WhatsApp web integral application. In order to hack someone’s WhatsApp account, you need to physically get the victims phone and scan the WhatsApp web QR code. This app doesn’t require root device.

Find the Download link of this app from here: WhatScan

  • DriveDroid

If you are looking to unlock any password protected PC or Laptop then this app can come handy. DriveDroid allows you to boot your PC from ISO/IMG files stored on your phone. This will save your time to burn a separate CD or USB drive. It is easy to use and have a number of operating system images for your phone.

Find the Download link of this app from here: DriveDroid

  • Change My Mac

Change My Mac is an app which can be used almost in any places which offer free public WiFi. As Public WiFi have limited time or control usage. But changing the Mac address of your Android device would definitely solve your problem. As you can easily spoof your Mac address and enjoy unlimited WiFi.

Find the Download link of this app from here: Change my MAC

  • WPS Connect


It is another app that can be listed in the hacking apps for android which is very useful for hacking WiFi network. Most of the time we don’t change the default password of our router making it vulnerable to hacking. This app does exactly the same by checking if the router is vulnerable by checking series of default PIN.

Find the Download link of this app from here: WPS Connect


Smartphone hacking doesn’t get any easier than with XNSPY. All you need is to download the app on the target phone, and boom! You have access to not just the call logs or texts but the entire data stored on a smartphone. Xnspy works discretely so everything’s done under the hood. Once the app is set up on a phone, you can get other person’s phone call logs, texts, emails, phonebook, multimedia, social media accounts and so on. The app can even let you record calls and surroundings of the monitored phone. XNSPY is currently available for Android and iOS devices. All iOS devices can be monitored remotely and without the need to install Xnspy on a phone, unlike Android.

Find the Download link of this app from here: XNSPY

If you know any Hacking Apps for Android then do let me know in the comment section and I will add it to my list.

At present, smartphones have become an intrinsic part of our daily lifestyle. We are becoming increasingly dependent on mobile phones right from the time we wake up in the morning to when we retire to bed. These devices have significantly reduced our workload and have enhanced our lifestyle to a great extent. The smartphones allow us to perform many things remotely like controlling our fridge, taking out the vehicle from the garage, and so on.

However, besides all these benefits there are likewise a few drawbacks as well. All of your details will be accessible to hackers once they succeed in hacking your mobile phone. In case we want to make our kids and other victims aware of the potential perils of online hacking, it is essential for them to first understand how to hack a phone for free. Hacking also comes with several advantages given that you will be capable of monitoring your staff whether they are properly working at their workplace or not. Let us look at some effective ways on how to hack someone’s phone for free.

Using free Phone Hack App

JJSPY happens to be an astounding piece of software that will allow you to hack any phone remotely without spending anything at all. The most notable feature of this app is the fact that you need not touch your target object to hack it. Being compatible with both Android and iOS devices, this app will enable the user to hack virtually any smartphone out there. You will also come across a premium version that will enable the person to hack as many as 5 phones simultaneously. Moreover, your true identity is not going to be revealed while using this app in any way.

The victim will also not know that he is being hacked since the app will use his target network. In this way, you can hack any target device in a completely risk-free manner. According to the users of JJSPY, it was voted as the most effective software for hacking a phone in 2018.

Using JJSPY Phone Hack App

JJSPY is likewise quite popular at present and is being used on a wide scale in many places on the planet. This incredible app will allow you to hack any smartphone remotely. The app was intended to be used in disguise such that the victim will never come to know about the hacking or even the existence of the app. You need to combine the app with the target object using a third-party app. Once the device is paired with the application, it can be hacked very easily.

Viber Hack App Free Download

JJSPY will enable the user to view the target device’s browsing history, and you can also block some contents of the device while using the app. Also, conversations can be recorded from the target object. The mic facility will allow you to record ambient noise too. The good thing is that your identity will always be covered thanks to the innovative stealth mode.

Using Phone Spying App

This app is well-known in the mobile hacking world at present. It is also known to offer sophisticated features to its users. Any device can be checked remotely using the app. JJSPY comes with all the contemporary features on the market. It will allow the user to monitor each and every outgoing and incoming text message too.

Moreover, you can use the app on both iOS and Android devices. The innovative keylogger feature will allow you to obtain the victim’s email ID password as well. A dedicated WhatsApp hacker will likewise facilitate you to hack KIK successfully. It will also be feasible to view the multimedia contents of the device employing this application. The microphone and the camera of the target object can also be activated by using JJSPY app.


Free Hacks Download

Besides all these 3 above-mentioned amazing tips and tricks on how to hack and track someone’s phone for free, you will come across many more apps on the market that can also get the job done easily. Do adequate research and feel free to look at the online reviews from the previous users. This will give you a fair idea of this particular niche. Otherwise, you may likewise take the help of any YouTube video to enrich your knowledge of hacking a phone without breaking the bank. The positive thing is that many of these apps are available for free online.

Hack Applications Free Download Pc

Avoid losing a wonderful Cell Phone Track. You can start monitoring now!