There are many messaging applications available out in the market, however, WhatsApp application is definitely the most popular one. That is why many people are looking for a way to hack WhatsApp. In this article, I will introduce you the best WhatsApp hack methods.

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WhatsApp is a free application for messaging and VoIP. Users can use this application for sending of text messages and voice calls, as well as video calls, images and other media, documents, and user location.

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This application was acquired by Facebook in February 2014 for approximately $19.3 billion. Also, in September 2017, WhatsApp announced its separate platform for business.

By February 2018, WhatsApp user base reached over half a billion users which made it the most popular messaging application around the world.

In order to find an answer for your questions, follow me through this article. In this article, I will explain 3 practical methods to hack WhatsApp and you will also find out how to hack someone’s WhatsApp account without their knowledge.

If you are willing to know how these methods work, you can continue reading this article. Furthermore, for faster navigation, you can click on any of the titles above.

You need a WhatsApp hack tool

You might be wondering if it is really possible to monitor WhatsApp chat history and spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages.

Is there a tool which is able to hack WhatsApp account? If you are looking for an answer to this question, I must say that WhatsApp tracking is no longer a myth as there are some WhatsApp monitoring tools which can actually do that for you.

But if you want to get the best results, you need to choose a comprehensive monitoring application which is equipped with a WhatsApp spy feature.

You can use WhatsApp hacker application for Android and iPhone to control it and find out who your target person is talking to on this messenger. In what follows, I will introduce the most effective tools available on the market.


That tool is Underspy

Underspy is a professional and efficient monitoring tool which is very simple to use. It offers WhatsApp hacking feature along with a number of other handy spy features.

To use Underspy application, you need a Premium Underspy user account. After registration and getting a premium account, you will have access to your control panel.

You can as well request a free trial account before you proceed to purchase an account.

After you login to your control panel, navigate to Installation menu and install the application on the target phone based on the tutorial video.

After entering the license on the phone, the app will start running in the background and in hidden mode.

Now, you can start monitoring all WhatsApp messages on the target device directly from your control panel on Underspy website.

Here are some tips about Underspy:

  • Underspy needs to be installed on the target device only once. You won’t need the target phone after that.
  • The app runs in hidden mode. This means that no sign of the application will appear on the phone.
  • You can remotely and anonymously monitor WhatsApp messages on the target device by using your personal control panel
  • This tool can be installed on both Android and iPhones.

if you have any more question contact Underspy support team.

Is there something special about Underspy?

As I mentioned earlier, there are many monitoring applications available on the market.

If you have searched for it, you have probably come across names such as whatsapp sniffer & spy tool 2016, 2017, 2018 or WhatsApp hacker v2.0.

But the point is that most of such WhatsApp tracker applications are scams and they try to steal your data.

So if you are looking for the best result, you definitely need to make a wise choice and choose an app like Underspy which is reliable and efficient.

Underspy is definitely the best WhatsApp tracker you can find. Another point about Underspy is that unlike apps such as wat-spy or whatsapp-spy, this application is not just limited to WhatsApp hacking tool.

In fact, Underspy WhatsApp spy feature is only one of the features you can have with this application. You can for example:

  • Monitoring all Telegram messenger
  • Hack Facebook chats and messages
  • Control all Viber conversion
  • Hacking BBM text and multimedia
  • Track and record all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Monitor text messages
  • Track GPS and cell tower location
  • Record ambient sounds
  • Monitor phone gallery
  • Monitor a wide range of messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, imo, LINE, Hike, Telegram, BBM, Keylogger, etc.
  • View web browser history and block specific websites
  • View a report of all installed apps along with app usage history and the ability to block specific applications
  • Send remote commands to have a variety of remote functions such as turning data connection on or off

In addition to all these marvelous features, if you would like to use Underspy to hack WhatsApp account, you can use a free trial account to see how this app works.

You can request a free trial account through one of these methods:

  • leave a comment in the comments section of this page
  • Visit Underspy website and contact our support team

WhatsApp Hacker application for Android phones

Before I proceed to explain how you can hack WhatsApp with WhatsApp Sniffer, you first need to know what a sniffer is. It is a tool which sniffs all the data that is being transferred via a network such as WiFi network. Sniffers create a copy of the data without redirecting or changing it and accessing that copy means that you have managed to hack that specific data.

Top WhatsApp sniffer

Sniffers are a great tool for finding security weaknesses in networks and they are a really effective tool in debugging stages of a network. But they can as well be used for purposes such as hacking WhatsApp account of someone or spy on messages on somebody’s phone. But the point about using WhatsApp sniffer v3.3 v3.5 is that you definitely need have some knowledge of coding if you want to use them to hack WhatsApp. It would definitely be difficult to spy on WhatsApp if you are not an expert.

If you want to use WhatsApp Sniffer to spy on WhatsApp, you need to have a special condition and that is to have the same network as the person you want to spy on. This means that you and the victim should have devices connected to the same network.

To get more information about sniffing and how to debug all the logs, you can use Wireshark debugger.

WhatsApp Hacker application for iPhone devices

This WhatsApp hack method is used for iPhone and you can hack iPhone only with the Apple ID and without installing any application to do so, you need to have access to the target person’s Apple ID credentials.

  • Get hold of the target device and follow these steps to make sure there is a recent backup to restore from. Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage (or Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage), then tap a device listed under Backups to see the date and size of its latest backup.
  • in app list select WhatsApp and after press backup now
  • Now you can activate the Apple ID as well as the WhatsApp account on another device and use the Restore from backup option to access all WhatsApp chats of someone on your own device.
  • After accessing the Apple ID and doing the settings in iCloud, you can follow these steps
  • Download iCloud Drive from Apple website and login with the Apple ID and Password.
  • Choose the type of data you want to back up.
  • Go to Settings > iCloud > Photos and click on Download and Keep Originals to import WhatsApp photos and videos to your computer.
  • Find the uploaded files in This PC > iCloud.
  • Find msgstore.db in user_data_/com/WhatsApp/Database folder and open it with SQLite manager to view all WhatsApp messages.

You can find another sniffer application like Wireshark for finding data on WhatsApp database.

There are different reasons why someone would want to hack WhatsApp. If you are a parent, you definitely know how hard it is to find out what your kids are doing on their smart devices. You might worry for their safety and you might think that they are in contact with strangers. In order to keep a watchful eye on their online activities, you can use a monitoring tool such as Underspy to check their activities on WhatsApp.

This will help you to ensure their security on the internet:

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  • Also, there are times when you start feeling doubtful about how honest your partner is with you. It is true that relationships must be based on trust but there are times when you notice strange behavior from the side of your spouse and you feel that something is going on. If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, one way to find the truth is to Monitor WhatsApp account and find out who they are talking to and understand if they are really being honest with you. With the help of underspy, this would be possible.
  • In addition, if you are an employer, you might want to find out a way to keep an eye on your employees by monitoring their WhatsApp account. In this case, you can use Underspy as an employee monitoring tool and install it on company devices. This way you can spot out the employees who spend their valuable working hours chatting on WhatsApp. Also, Underspy is equipped with a location tracking feature which can be definitely useful for tracking employees who work outside the office.

In this section, I try to answer some of your questions with regard to the best methods for WhatsApp hacking. Here are some Q and A which might be helpful for you for WhatsApp hacking:

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How to hack WhatsApp chat history of others ?

In order to hack WhatsApp messages of someone, you need to have some sort of access to their phone. There are some methods which allow you to hack WhatsApp chat history without having access to the victim phone, but those methods are usually difficult and requires expertise. But the best and by far the easiest method is to use Underspy application.

Want to know which is the best Whatsapp tracker and whatsApp spy utility ?

As I mentioned earlier, there are many hack tools and spy apps for WhatsApp, but if you are looking for the best result, you definitely need to use the most efficient and reliable method to hack WhatsApp. Underspy application is guaranteed to work well and give you the best WhatsApp tracking experience.

How to read others WhatsApp messages on Android or iPhone ?

WhatsApp is a multi-platform application. This means that people can use this application on different operating systems. So, if you want to hack WhatsApp, you need to use a different method for each platform. Underspy application allows you to monitor WhatsApp on different platforms such as Android and iPhone.

How to view WhatsApp chat history online ?

Are you looking for a method to hack WhatsApp online without having the target phone? Well, it is possible to spy on WhatsApp without touching the target phone, however, you need to have access to the victim at least only once. By having a one time access, you can start WhatsApp tracking easily.

How to know the person whom my wife is chatting with on WhatsApp ?

It is true that relationships must be based on trust, but also there are times when you start having doubts about how honest your partner is with you. In this case, you may want to find the truth about your relationship by finding out who your partner is talking to on WhatsApp. What you can do in this situation is to install a monitoring tool on their phone to keep an eye on their WhatsApp chats.

How to know who is chatting with whom on WhatsApp ?

Nowadays people do most of their communications via WhatsApp. Accessing someone's WhatsApp messages will allow you to know everything about them. That is why many people are looking for ways to spy on WhatsApp to find out who is chatting with whom on WhatsApp. The best method you can use to do so is to use Underspy application.

How to hack WhatsApp chat without victim's phone ?

One of the things which many people are looking for is the way to hack WhatsApp without having access to victim's phone. So, is it really possible to track WhatsApp without touching their phone? The truth is, if you really want to spy on WhatsApp, you need to have some sort of access to the target phone at some point and you can't do WhatsApp hacking if the person is far from you.

Where can I download whatsapp hack software ?

In order to download Underspy WhatsApp hack software, all you need to do is to create an account on Underspy website first. Then you can choose from the variety of plans available to buy a subscription. Once done, you can download Underspy application and install it on your victim's phone.

How to check and control WhatsApp chat history on pc ?

If you would like to control WhatsApp account on someone on PC, all you need is a one-time access to their mobile phone to get the hack tool installed on their phone. After that, you can sit back at your PC and start monitoring the victim without them knowing.

How to monitor WhatsApp messages online without app ?

If your target person is far from you and you do not have access to their phone, you might be looking for the way to hack WhatsAp without app. There are many websites which claim they can enable you to spy on whatsApp by just having the phone number. The truth is, such thing is not possible and you must be wise enough not to fall in the trap of such scammers.

How to monitor my kids activities on WhatsApp ?

Nowadays, everyone even little kids own a cell phone. There is no doubt that internet has made our lives a lot easier, however, it might not be a safe place for kids and teenagers. Parents need to be aware of this and keep a watchful eye on their kid's online activities on apps such as WhatsApp. Monitoring tools such as Underspy allows parents to watch their kids on WhatsApp.