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As the new year 2020 has rolled out, we wanted to make something great and for free. We started the development of pointsprizes Hack. And here it comes, the Pointsprizes Hack Tool.

What is PointsPrizes ?

Given Description in PointsPrizes. Earn points by completing paid surveys, free offers, or sharing us with your friends. Earn enough points and you can claim free gift cards or cash.

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Make It Rain Pc Hack No Download Online

Official Site : www.pointsprizes.com

Google play store:PointsPrizes Android App

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Apple store:PointsPrizes App

Social Media

Make It Rain Pc Hack No Download Free

Facebook: @PointsPrizes

Make It Rain Pc Hack No Download

Twitter: @PointsPrizes



Hey. it’s me. I am Pointsprizes hack tool version 4.6, I am here to help. Don’t waste your time in pointspries.com. Use me, I will give you unlimited points. You can use me one time per day. Scroll down the developer will tell you more about me.

Make It Rain Pc Hack No Download

How to use the Tool

It’s very easy and user friendly. This tool not require any password to use. Your email ID is enough to use.

  1. Open the tool. Please make sure you have Internet connection then only this tool connect our high speed server.
  2. Enter your email ID
  3. Enter the number of points you required.
  4. Don’t forget to click the safe mode. ( That uses the private proxy )
  5. Click the Hack button.
  6. Once you done all the steps wait few minutes and open the account. Just refresh the page. You can see the points.

Security of the Tool

You can use our tool without any fear. We have tested our tool for many months and many days and it was successfully used without any suspicion of Spacetime Studios! If there would be any problem, Our highly skilled hacking team is looking forward to deal with any problems. If you found any problem with our tool, you can contact our support team at any time.

We have developed an inventive security method to achieve. that no one will get a BAN.

Most of our products don’t require installation for use. Just download the tool and enter the required details then click the hack button and wait for few minutes…Done.

100% no virus in our products. If you have any scars then check our file by using online test which we provide in our side or use antivirus s/w like Avast. Eset etc once you download the file.

Don’t worry your account never ban. Our application was tested more than 100 accounts for every two months.

Until now, We didn’t get any negative mark about our product. Our product always in working condition and never down. If you have any problem then raise the query in our contact page.

How to download the Tool

It’s easy before you going to download the file. Please check how to download the tool.

Please make sure to disable the AdBlock if you have it.

Choose one of the surveys to do and complete it
File will unlock when you have done the survey and your download will start automatically.

If you have any query contact us at any time.


  1. This tool available to all countries too?
    • Yes, We can use this tool worldwide.
  2. How many time we can use this tool?
    • One time per day.
  3. Should I wait for 24 hrs to use it again?
    • Yes for the safety purpose.
  4. How many times we can use this tool for one account?
    • One time per day. You can use this tool to one account only.
  5. Can I use this tool to my friend account too?
    • No, It’s not possible you can use this tool for one account only. If you want to add points to your account then you should download again from download page.
  6. Should I need to complete the survey to download the file?
    • Yes, Otherwise it won’t work.
  7. Is it possible to download the file without complete the survey?
    • No, It’s not possible.
  8. If I from other countries like Canada, Brazil then It’ll work?
    • Yes. Its work on worldwide.
  9. Can you send the file to my email ID?
    • Sorry, You should complete the short survey to download the tool.

This tool developed by FreeHack.tools, This tool work on windows. We give 100% guarantee It’s safe and your account never got ban. Our tool gets a lot of positive review from our client. Maybe you also will give a positive review. If you have any problem while download or using this app. You can contact our support team at any time.