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Easy Nuke

To get a nuke set up the killstreak harrier strike, Pavelow, and nuke. Get a harrier and pavelow killstreak and hide in a corner and if ur harrier strike and pavelow don't get shot down you will get a nuke.

Level Master

Modern Warfare 2 Hacks For Free

If you play multiplayer with your friend or by yourself you can raise your level by doing challenges.

Unlock Weapon Attchments Faster

Once the match has started, run to plane in the area and go inside run to the back and explode the fuel tanks and run to the back part and lay down in prone facing the front of the plane and you should never die. If someone comes up the ladder can get them easily, and if someone comes in the doors you still got 'em.

Good Class

Primary:m16fmj Secondary:spas12foregrip Equipment:semtex Perk1:sleight of hand pro Perk2:stopping power pro Perk3:commando pro Deathstreak:martydom Good Luck!

Nice Setup

Best Nuke Class

Hope you like it its my favorite class to use when I'm going for a nuke or a high kill streak.

Fast Leveling

If you want to level up in multiplay play search with this class

Harrier Vs Helicopter

If an enemy sends out a helicopter and you can't shoot it down use your harrier strike and the helicopter will get shot down.

Fast Way To Get Killstreaks

Modern Warfare 2 Hacks Ps3 Download Free

The fasted way is to equip the perk called hardline. It gives you one less kill for a killstreak.

A Class That Will Help with Grenade Launcher

(be sure to have an idea of good hiding places everywhere for good killstreaks. EX: Wastland underground faceing 2 entrances/exits to the right shotgon or secondary (dnt matter) the other with grenade launcher or primary. Just do watevr ur good with or comfortable with. Some people give good advice (me) others horrible things.

A Good Weapon To Use

Primary weapon-M4A1 (with red dot sight)secondary-thumper x2 equipment-semtex special-flash perk1-scavenger (PRO) perk2-stopping power (pro not needed) perk3-ninja or commando pro death streak- anything.

Good Assault Class For Lvl 4

A great assault class for people that are level 4 is a M4A1 and a secondary weapon as a SPAS-12 and as for weapons and perks are are a frag grenade, and a flash grenade. Perk 1: Marathon Perk 2: Stopping Power Perk 3 : commando.

A Good Sub-machiene Class For Lvl 4

A good sub machine class are UMP45 and a PP2000. The equipment and perks are semtex and a stun grenade. Perk 1: Marathon Perk 2: lightweight Perk 3: Commando.

How To Get To The High Spot On Highrise

Theres a window sweeper cart hanging on the side of the building (only one side hanging on) you go sprint. Once you grab stop everything then go like climbing a ladder. Then theres a beam, you stick to the wall and once you get to the end of the beam there will be another window sweeper you climb on. After that you will see a fence climb by it then put a claymore by the window sweeper to protect you from anyone else or light a tactical insertion on the platform up top there is a oil tank up there so light it far from that. (if it doesn't work the first time try it again).

A Great Class For Any Kind Of Mode

Here is a great class for any kind of mode.This is usually a good class on overgrown and all grassy maps.

Good Sniping Spots On Highrise

On the map Highrise go up the ladder at the elevators run to that beam and jump if you land go along the crane until you get to the building crouch and go through the hole. The other spot is much harder to get to but better. Go to the south offices and see that thing hanging at the side of the building run and jump on that then hug the wall and walk along until you find another thing go up that and make sure you have a tactical insertion in case some one actually gets you.

Amazing Class!

At the starting both teams start at a lobby and they both reach a window, so you must get a sniper rifle and when you reach your window look to the other window and when a enemy player comes to their window, go ahead shoot them.

Good Assault Class

Primary: Scar-H Grenade Launcher
Secondary: Spas-12 or Handgun (I recommend the revolver)
Equipment: Claymore
Special Grenade: Flash Grenade
Perk 1: Sleight of Hand or Bling (If so, add an ACOG Scope along with the G. L . )
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Commando
Deathstreak: Martydom

Exalante Gun

Put in the tar and put gernade louncher with red tiger on it and put the magnumes on with akimbo. Ecuitment semtex flasbang slight of hand pro stoping power pro steady aim pro good luck.

Easy Level Up


OK. First you get two controlers then you so to multi player then go to capture the flag and change the map to rust after that all you have to do is run around and around. And don't forget to put the point limit to unlimited and time to un limited. (YA DIGG).

How To Kill The Juggernauts Faster

To kill the juggernauts faster on spec ops, use the M240 or the Barrett. 50 cal sniper rifle and shoot them in the head til they die. If you do it right with the snpier rifle, it should only take 5 shots total and for the M240, it should only take 75 shots minimum and 100 shots maximum.

Secret But Sucky Hiding Spot

On scrapyard when you start as spetsnaz you start in an empty parking lot and a building on the right on the building on the right you go in and up the ladder and you go to the first window (witch is a good sniping place) then you go slightly just through the window and you should fall on a ledge when oyu get on the ledge then you carefully walk to the right and you will see a white thing sticking out of the building and you get on that and go prone or just crouch and you are set.

Have Opfor Run Like Girls

On the mission Team Player when you are in the humvee you will come up to where there are the 3 on the balcony and 1 in the window if you shoot just above them on the wall of the building they should run away if it doesnt work right away get closer if you are too far away it won't work.

A Good Light Machine Class For Lvl 4

A good light machine class are Guns: L86 LSW and ATH-HS. Equipments: Semtex and stun grenades. Perk 1: Sleight of hand Perk 2:Stopping power Perk 3: steady aim.

Want More Ammo On The M9 In The Museum

When you get to the museum Don't get any guns got to the other room with the juggernaut get the M93 Raffica. Then reload your ammo then switch to your M9and you will have 180 mounts.

Good Sniping Class

Here is a good Sniping Class for Quick Scoping or just plain Sniping:

Detailed Juggernaut Extermination Guide

In Spec Ops, there are several levels that feature juggernauts, your friendly neighborhood super soldiers. They are extremely tough and will run at you like a maniac. Fortunately for you, they aren't without weaknesses. For example, like all the other enemies on MW2, they lack the general ability to properly aim, meaning that they are only a threat when they are up close. The best way to deal with Juggernauts is to use a powerful sniper rifle such as the M200 or the Barrett. However, they still may get in close where they become lethal. You may not have that luxury though. LMG's are also highly effective. Use flashbangs to slow down the target, or to gain tactical advantage. Also, use the terrain to your advantage. If you are with a partner, take different sides to divide its fire. Try to put something between you and the target, such as a car. Always keep moving so as to reduce your chance of being hit, and change directions often. You can use grenades to influence where the juggernaut will go, and also do some damage. With regards to the Spec Ops, the level 'High Explosive' where you must kill ten juggernauts using explosives and your melee , I recommend keeping near your starting point. You have good cover opportunities and can set up claymores efficiently. RPG's are much more powerful than the thumper, but are less accurate and take more time to reload. Go for direct hits only when there is no cover available. Direct shots go a longer way and may stop the juggernaut mid-stride but expose yourself to fire. When you have something between you and the juggernaut, rely more on the blast radius. Use your claymores. They will do great damage and will stop the juggernaut in his tracks. Knifing is highly ineffective against juggernauts and should only be used as a last resort.

Body Count

The easy way to get points is to grab the ak-47 grenadier and rpg-7. If done right jump the fence using the chair sprint over to the transport truck and blow it up with the grenadier switch over to the rpg-7 and blow up the 2 btr80 if done right you will be left with enemy troops to kill remember to use the btr80 as cover. Don't give up if it doesn't work the first time.

Easy Juggernaut Kill

On snatch & grab 2 player there will be juggernauts but there will also be a M240 next to other guns near you on the ground get the M240 and fire at the juggernaut non-stop it will only take 1 mag. I highly recommend it - Its on spec ops.

Great Class For Online Or Multiplayer

Primary:Scar-H Silencer or FMJ
camo:urban or blue tiger
Secondary:PP2000 FMJ or extented mags
equipment:claymore or semtex
special grenade:flash
perk 1:Scavenger Pro
perk 2:hardline pro
perk 3:ninja pro
Primary:M4A1 silencer or red dot sight.

Secret Hiding Place On Museum

In the museum there is a good hiding place if you are hurt and need cover. Go in the vehicle room. When you go in find the tan tank with the destroyed white house in the background. Go to the front of the tank. The game gives you an option to climb up on. When you are on top go to the small section behind the tank. Fall down that hole then go prone. You are now completely protected from enemy fire, but you can not kill them. When you are ready to leave stand up an jump down.

A Great Class

Here is a great class to use in Demolition, Hardcore, and Search and Destroy or to just plain to get a nuke:This class is perfect for demolition in Invasion.Camp, stay behind a wall, hug the wall, and go for high shots (Head, Chest, Belly-Button and up) DON'T EVER go for feet shots only if they are on Last Stand. Don't even go for the legswith all this it allowed me to get my first nuke in Invasion :) hope this helps.

Take Down Estate Hiding Spot

The first thing you do is play it in co op mode then when the game starts have one crouch at a window to snipe the first jugarnut then have the other one leave hide behind the trees to their left then far enough to where the jugarnut comes out then snipe him shoot him three times near the head then wait till he moves then shoot one last time. After the is all said and done head for for the first entertance swamp whatever weapon to a whinchester 1887 and the other weapon to a thermal sight WA2000 and clean out the house then go to the front door then turn around the head to where there is a weapon selection on the floor turn around to where you are facing the front door there is this pocket to your left crouch there with the thermal in your hand and shot every person you see when you hear the music change to a dramatic music aim for the door and door the same thing to kill the jugarnut and when everything is quite put claymores at everyone of the entertances and there you go it should work for you.

Secret Barrier In Museum

Go into the museum level, get the colt refill your ammo and then go into the room with the Juggernaut in it then kill everyone else EXCEPT THE JUGGERNAUT! Then hit the RED BUTTON on the DESK. Then go into the room where price was in the boat. Have the Juggernaut follow you in there. Then go behind the boat and jump in the water and go prone. HE WONT KILL YOU!

2 Great Classes

Here is a good classes that you could use.ACR with Acog sight w/FMJ and for your equipment Semtex grenade and flash grenades for perks: Perk 1: Bling proPerk 2: Cold BloodedPerk 3: Commando ProSecondary= M1014 With Grip and FMJ.

Red Button

Once you complete the campaign go to mission select go down to museum press x select on the counter there is red button that says do not press. Press it everybody in the room starts to shoot you careful though make sure you have what guns you want and full ammo.

Cool Death Sceen

When you're doing the Special Ops missions under Echo.
There is one specific Operation called Armor Piercing. In this one you have to shoot and kill 15 Juggernauts to complete the task.
When you climb the ladder, (2 player recommended) you can go prone and snipe them out as they run towards you with either the Barrett. 50, the Intervention, or the Dragonov. With one player having the Barrett and the other with the Intervention, you can have a Juggernaut run after you, put three bullets into him with the Intervention, and then let him climb up the ladder to the platform you're on. When he is almost at the top of the ladder and you can see his head, both of you shoot him. He will go flying backwards really far and possibly off the map. Its really fun!

How To Use Famas

In Afghan in the middle of the map you have a crashed plane. Go on it and go all the way to the end (above the cave) and jump on the two barrels, then turn right and jump on the little island with grass on it. Go prone and if you are a sniper with cold-blooded, ninja and a silencer you will be completely invisible to other players. (take a tactical insertion because it may take a little bit of tries to go there).

Excelent Class For All Hardcore

Primary-Scar H (because of its accuracy and less recoil plus lots of damage)secondary-Thumper/ (desert eagle/magnum) [it depends on the map close = (desert eagle/magnum)because its a one shot kill or long range=thumper because even the friking smoke kills
equipment & special grenade-claymore & smoke
perk1=bling pro (silencer & heartbeat sensor)
perk2=Cold blooded pro
perk3=ninja pro
deathstreak=last stand/martyrdom
*This will make you completely invisible but still you can see with heartbeat

Easy Cold Blooded Pro

What you need to do is get a lmg I prefer the mg4 perks you need cold blooded and sleight of hand then go to 3rd person cage match then find somebody wiling to help you out start the match get your class with the mg4 let them kill you till they get a pave low or attack heli except the chopper gunner shoot the gunship down with sleight of hand so its quicker to reload keep picking up death ammo you drop from deaths then when it finally blows up keep shooting it with your mg4 till you got cold blooded pro.PS: I was the proud founder of this glitch. I used the pave low because its the biggest chopper. Hope it works for you if it doesn't add me on ps3 my gamer tag is sk8rboy1996.

Wall Bomb

Get a claymore place it behind a wall when a enemy comes it will kill him from behind.

Good Class

So heres a good class you can use in about any mode:

Best Gun With Perks (easy Kills)

Guns that I use on search and destroy sometimes if I'm bored
Gun:Scar with heartbeat
Frags:claymore stun*2
perks:Ninja pro
cold blooded pro
sleight of hand pro
note: you can swap sleight of hand for bling pro also (heartbeat sensors are cheap so yeah).

Easy Way To Kill Juggernauts In Special Ops.

Having trouble with those gosh darn Juggernauts in Special Ops. , Well look no further. Here are the easiest ways to take them down:
1-Shoot them 4 times in the head with a Sniper Rifle.
2-Use a flashbang to blind them, then unload entire clips with an assault rifle. Example, flash, shoot shoot shoot, flash, shoot shoot shoot etc. Do this until they go down.(note-every time you use a flashbang, you should shoot them in the head area to save some flash grenades. )
I prefer the first method first, unless you don't have acsess to a sniper rifle. And if you have no other choice but to chose method 2 I suggest a STRONG assault rifle with a decently large clip.

Walkthrough For Act 1: S.S.D.D.

We have no cheats or codes for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Custom Class Slot Unlocks

Marathom Pro (Climb obsticals faster) : Run 26 miles using Marathon
Sleight of Hand Pro (Faster Aiming) : 120 kills using Sleight of Hand
Scavanger Pro (Extra Mags) : Resupply 100 times while using Scavanger
Bling Pro (Two secondary weapon attachments) : Get 200 kills using a weapon with 2 attachments
One Man Army (Swap Classes Faster) : Get 120 kills using One Man Army
Stopping Power Pro (Increased vehicle damage) : Get 250 kills using Stopping Power
Lightweight Pro (Quick aim after sprinting) : Sprint 30 miles using Lightweight
Hardline Pro (Death Streaks require one less death) : Get 40 killstreaks while using Hardline
Coldblooded Pro (No red crosshair or name when targeted) : Destroy 40 Enemy Killstreak rewards while using coldblooded
Danger Close Pro (Extra air support damage) : Get 100 Kills with explosives while using danger close
Commando Pro (No fall damage) : Get 20 Melee Kills using Commando
Steady Aim Pro (Longer breath duration for sniper scopes) : Get 80 hip fire kills using Steady Aim
Scrambler Pro (Delay enemy claymore explosions) : Get 50 close range kills using Scrambler
Ninja Pro (Foot movement is silent) : Get 50 close range kills using Ninja
SitRep Pro (Louder enemy foot movement) : Destroy 120 enemy devices using SitRep
Last Stand Pro (Use equipment in Last Stand) : Get 20 kills while in Last Stand

Multiplayer Weapons And Ranks To Unlock

Stealth Bomber 09 Kills
Final Stand(Get back up after being wounded) Die 4 times in a row without a kill
Martydom(Drop a live grenade just after dying) Die 4 times in a row without a kill
Painkiller(Big health boost when you spawn) Die 3 times in a row without a kill
Copycat(Steal your killer's class in killcam.) Die 4 times in a row without a kill
UAV (Show Enemy Location) 03 Kills
Care Package (drops ammo/Killstreaks) 04 Kills
Counter UAV (scrambles enemy Radar) 04 Kills
Predator Guided missile 05 Kills
Deplyable Sentry Turret 05 Kills
Precision Airstike 06 Kills
Harrier Airstike (choose drop location and defending Harrier) 07 Kills
Attack Helicopter 07 Kills
Emergency Airdrop (Drops ammo/Kilstreaks) 08 Kills
Pave Low (Armed Helicopter) 09 Kills
Helicopter Gunner (be the gunner of a chopper) 11 Kills
AC130 (be the gunner of AC130) 11 Kills
EMP (Disables Electronics) 15 Kills
Nuke Drop (kills everyone on map/ Wins Game) 25 Kills

We have no easter eggs for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Javelin Glitch

When you unlock the Javelin Rocket Launcher at level 50 in Multiplayer, there is a glitch where your Semtex grenade explodes when you are killed---so create a class with your choice of a Primary Weapon, a Javelin Rocket Launcher as your Secondary Weapon, and a Semtex grenade as your equipment, Marathon as your first Perk, Danger Close as your Second perk, and either Scrambler or Commando as your third Perk, and thats about all of the important stuff you need for the class---now when you spawn with that class, press triangle to switch to your Secondary Weapon, the Javelin, and hold R2 for THREE SECONDS, no less, and while still holding R2, press triangle to switch to your Javelin, and then, when you are killed, you will create a massive explosion and almost always kill someone. --Quick Note-You Can let go of R2 once you have switched back to your Javelin.

Created by: aldecide.Read the full guide...

Created by: go_monkey897.Read the full guide...

Cod Modern Warfare Ps3

Created by: x2xlegixt2xcare.Read the full guide...

Created by: rata1.Read the full guide...

Created by: jimmythesnowman.Read the full guide...

Created by: Absolute Steve.Read the full guide...

Trophy List

Is That All You Got? (Platinum) Earn all available Trophies for Modern Warfare 2
Back in the Saddle (Bronze) Help train the local militia.
Danger Close (Bronze) Get hand picked for Shepherd’s elite squad.
Cold Shoulder (Bronze) Infiltrate the snowy mountain side base.
Tag ‘em and bag ‘em (Bronze) Find Rojas in the Favelas.
Royale with Cheese (Bronze) Defend Burger Town.
Soap on a Rope (Bronze) Storm the gulag.
Desperate Times (Bronze) Execute the plan to help the Americans.
Whiskey Hotel (Bronze) Take back Whiskey Hotel.
The Pawn (Bronze) Assault Makarov’s safe house.
Out of the Frying Pan… (Bronze) Complete the mission in the airplane graveyard.
For the Record (Silver) Complete the Single Player campaign on any difficulty.
The Price of War (Gold) Complete the single player campaign on Hardened or Veteran Difficulty.
First Day of School (Silver) Complete ‘S.S.D.D’ and ‘Team Player’ on Veteran Difficulty.
Black Diamond (Silver) Complete ‘Cliffhanger’ on Veteran Difficulty.
Turistas (Silver) Complete ‘Takedown’ and ‘The Hornet’s Nest’ on Veteran Difficulty.
Red Dawn (Silver) Complete ‘Wolverines!’ and ‘Exodus’ on Veteran Difficulty.
Prisoner #627 (Silver) Complete ‘The Only Easy Day… Was Yesterday’ and ‘The Gulag’ on Veteran Difficulty.
Ends Justify the Means (Silver) Complete ‘Contingency’ on Veteran Difficulty
Homecoming (Silver) Complete ‘Of Their Own Accord’, ‘Second Sun’, and ‘Whiskey Hotel’ on Veteran Difficulty.
Queen takes Rook (Silver) Complete ‘Loose Ends’ and ‘The Enemy of My Enemy’ on Veteran Difficulty.
Off the Grid (Silver) Complete ‘Just Like Old Times’ and ‘Endgame’ on Veteran Difficulty.
Pit Boss (Bronze) Run The Pit in ‘S.S.D.D’ and finish with a final time under 30 seconds.
Ghost (Bronze) Plant the C4 in ‘Cliffhanger’ without alerting or injuring anyone in the blizzard.
Colonel Sanderson (Bronze) Kill 7 chickens in under 10 seconds in ‘The Hornet’s Nest’.
Gold Star (Bronze) Earn 1 star in Special Ops.
Hotel Bravo (Bronze) Earn 4 stars in Special Ops.
Charlie On Our Six (Bronze) Earn 8 stars in Special Ops.
It Goes to Eleven (Bronze) Earn at least 1 star in 11 different Special Op missions.
Operational Asset (Bronze) Earn all 3 stars in at least 5 different Special Op missions.
Blackjack (Bronze) Earn 21 stars in Special Ops.
Honor Roll (Bronze) Earn at least 1 star in each Special Op mission.
Operative (Silver) Earn all 3 stars in at least 10 different Special Op missions.
Specialist (Silver) Earn 30 stars in Special Ops.
Professional (Silver) Earn all 3 stars in at least 15 different Special Op missions.
Star 69 (Gold) Earn 69 stars in Special Ops.
Downed but Not Out (Bronze) Kill 4 enemies in a row while downed in Special Ops.
I’m the Juggernaut… (Bronze) Kill a Juggernaut in Special Ops.
Ten plus foot-mobiles (Bronze) Kill at least 10 enemies with one Predator missile in Single Player or Special Ops.
Unnecessary Roughness (Bronze) Use a riot shield to beat down an enemy in Single Player or Special Ops.
Knock-knock (Bronze) Kill 4 enemies with 4 shots during a slow-mo breach in Single Player or Special Ops.
Some Like it Hot (Bronze) Kill 6 enemies in a row using a thermal weapon in Single Player or Special Ops.
Two Birds with One Stone (Bronze) Kill 2 enemies with a single bullet in Single Player or Special Ops.
The Road Less Traveled (Bronze) Collect 22 enemy intel items.
Leave No Stone Unturned (Bronze) Collect 45 enemy intel items.
Drive By (Bronze) Kill 20 enemies in a row while driving a vehicle in Single Player or Special Ops.
The Harder They Fall (Bronze) Kill 2 rappelling enemies in a row before they land on their feet in Single Playeror Special Ops.
Desperado (Bronze) Kill 5 enemies in a row using 5 different weapons or attachments in Single Player or Special Ops.
Look Ma Two Hands (Bronze) Kill 10 enemies in a row using akimbo weapons in Single Player or Special Ops.
No Rest For the Wary (Bronze) Knife an enemy without him ever knowing you were there in Single Player or Special Ops.
Three-some (Bronze) Kill at least 3 enemies with a single shot from a grenade launcher in Single Player or SpecialOps.
Aimbot, wallhack & speedhack for Team Fortress 2.
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NameStatus (?)Date added
Modern Warefare 2 Aimbot Steam Edition
Mar 23, 2011
MW2 Extreme Edition V1
Mar 23, 2011
MW2 Multiplayer Hack Project Extreme
Mar 23, 2011
ExternalBoxEsp42.184 Source code
Mar 23, 2011
MW2 Multiplayer Hack Project
Mar 23, 2011
Fourier 2.00b
Mar 23, 2011
OldSchoolHack injected - CoD6
Mar 23, 2011
MW2 Texture Hack V1.3
Mar 23, 2011
External BoxESP v3.1 build 184
Mar 23, 2011
COD6-MW2 1.174-Extern ESP
Mar 23, 2011

Modern Warefare 2 Aimbot Steam Edition

Released: Mar 23, 2011 - Unknown
Force Friendly Fire
Mappable Hotkeys In the Options Menu
Host Steal
Unlimited Ammo
Misc. Variable Changes
Download Modern Warefare 2 Aimbot Steam Edition
Downloaded 31.666 times

MW2 Extreme Edition V1

Released: Mar 23, 2011 - Unknown
Jump Height (Adjust Your Jump Heigh)
No Fall Damage (No Fall Damage)
Gravity (Change The Gravity)
Sprint Speed (Change Your Sprint Speed)
Force Host (Always Get Host) Be Patient When Trying To Get Host
Force Laser (Forces Laser Sights)
Thirdperson (Thirdperson View)
No Gun (Removes Gun From Screen)
Show FPS (Displays Your Ingame Framerate)
No Smoke (Removes Smoke)
No Flash (Removes Flash)
Time Scale (Slow Down Time)
Explosive Bullets (Explains Itself)
Download MW2 Extreme Edition V1
Downloaded 10.462 times

MW2 Multiplayer Hack Project Extreme

Released: Mar 23, 2011 - Unknown
AMMO* (Unlimited AMMO)
Jump Height (Adjust Your Jump Heigh)
Fall Damage (No Fall Damage)
Gravity (Change The Gravity)
Sprint Speed (Change Your Sprint Speed)
FOV (Change Your Field Of View)
Force Host (Always Get Host) Be Patient When Trying To Get Host
Force Laser (Forces Laser Sights)
NO HUD (Removes HUD)
Thirdperson (Thirdperson View)
Firstperson (Firstperson View)
No Gun (Removes Gun From Screen)
Show FPS (Displays Your Ingame Framerate)
No Smoke/Flash (Removes Flash, Smoke And Shellshock)
Time Scale (Slow Down Time)
Explosive Bullets (Explains Itself)
Crazy Ragdoll (Makes Ragdolls Go Crazy)
Super Knife (Auto Lock And Knife Any Distance)
Download MW2 Multiplayer Hack Project Extreme
Downloaded 9.738 times

ExternalBoxEsp42.184 Source code

Released: Mar 23, 2011 - Unknown
Full source code. You have to build yourself, see readme.
- BoxESP
- Smooth aimbot
- Tubebot
- Tthrowing knife bot
- bell curved indirect mode for tubebot/knifebot when CAPSLOCK
- autostab
- triggerbot with autofire
- explosive ESP
- turret ESP
- killstreak counter
- crosshair
- all features enabled/disabled via Fn keys
- flicker-less overlay mode
- full external hack: no hooking on process for maximum stealth mode
(I left away all aimbots features for now but they should be easy to add)
Download ExternalBoxEsp42.184 Source code
Downloaded 12.300 times

MW2 Multiplayer Hack Project

Released: Mar 23, 2011 - Unknown
Lvl 70 Hack (Become Lvl 70 And 10 Prestige Instantly) May Get You Banned
AMMO* (Unlimited AMMO For Private Matches)
Jump Height (Adjust Your Jump Height For Private Matches)
Fall Damage (No Fall Damage For Private Matches)
Gravity (Change The Gravity For Private Matches)
Sprint Speed (Change Your Sprint Speed For Private Matches)
FOV (Change Your Field Of View)
Force Host (Always Get Host, Abit Buggy) May Get You Banned
Force Laser (Forces Laser Sights)
NO HUD (Removes HUD)
Thirdperson (Thirdperson View)
Firstperson (Firstperson View)
No Gun (Removes Gun From Screen)
Show FPS (Displays Your Ingame Framerate)
No Smoke/Flash (Removes Flash, Smoke And Shellshock)
Download MW2 Multiplayer Hack Project
Downloaded 7.198 times

Aim through
Beta software!
Download Fourier 2.00b
Downloaded 1.842 times

OldSchoolHack injected - CoD6

Released: Mar 23, 2011 - Unknown
-full movable windows (restore pos with ctrl+ins / strg+einfg)
-simple aimbot
-triggerbot (deactivated)
-aimatteam (FFA mode)
-predict target
-semi auto
Visual Stuff
enemy only
no spread
no smoke
no shellshock
-2D radar
enemy only
-patch ingame radar
customizable crosshairs
-change all used colors
-simple ingame console
-add waypoint
-and see the bot walking
-full check on winamp
-chat in mIRC while gaming
Download OldSchoolHack injected - CoD6
Downloaded 7.873 times

MW2 Texture Hack V1.3

Released: Mar 23, 2011 - Unknown
Texture hack:
-Red/Blue players
-Golden Snipers
-Green Riot
-All player models fullbright
-No Hud Blood
-Reduced Foliage
-Removed Weather Effects
-Purple Clamore's
-Custom Scopes
-Custom Termal Scope
-Custom Camo's
Download MW2 Texture Hack V1.3
Downloaded 11.030 times

External BoxESP v3.1 build 184

Released: Mar 23, 2011 - Unknown
- BoxESP - rectangle + name
- flicker-less overlay mode
- full external hack: no hooking on process for maximum stealth mode
Download External BoxESP v3.1 build 184
Downloaded 3.936 times

COD6-MW2 1.174-Extern ESP

Released: Mar 23, 2011 - Detected
- Boxesp
- Nameesp
Download COD6-MW2 1.174-Extern ESP
Downloaded 2.003 times

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