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Download Patched Pokemon Red++ Rom

Version: Version 2.4.1

Updated: March 25 2017

Pokemon Red Hack Download


(Version 2.4.1 Hard)

Google Drive


Name: Pokemon Red Plus Plus
Type: GB
Hack of: Red
Language: English
Creator: Mateo


The goal for this hack is to serve as an updated version of Pokémon Red. It aims to eventually fix all of the most glaring oddities of Gen 1, and include many new features and gameplay elements that we have become accustomed to over the years. The story itself is still the same as Gen 1, though there are new locations and small changes to events here and there to freshen things up while still keeping it mostly true to the original Gen 1 story.


  • Gender selection
  • New, smarter AI
  • Many bugs and oddities from Gen 1 fixed
  • Running shoes, faster Surf speed, faster bike
  • Physical/Special/Status split
  • Pokémon have genders
  • Shiny Pokemon
  • Breeding at the Day Care
  • Dark, Steel and Fairy types added
  • Newer evolutions, baby versions of the original 151
  • All Pokémon obtainable without having to trade
  • Attacks updated to match Gen 6
  • Type strength/weakness updated
  • Updated move pools based on XY/ORAS
  • Offline Wonder Trade
  • Gen 6 style EXP Gain and EXP Share
  • BW2 Repel System
  • Move Deleter
  • Move Tutors


Mateo, Pyro, BettyNewbie, Blue Emerald, Chamber, Soloo993, Berries, Inc., Amvz08, Wes, Chaos Rush, JoltJolteon, Kinected Wires, Miksy91, Dabomstew, Danny-E33, ShantyTown, Rangi, Cartmic, Pia Carrot, IIMarckus, Kanzure, comet, Sanqui, Yenatch

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Hey everyone, welcome to Pokémon Stigma, a Fire Red hack with heavy focus on the story aspect. The game is 100% COMPLETED, and currently in BETA state. We’ve been working on the project for quite a while, so we really hope you have a good time playing!

Our story takes place in the Kanto Region, where you begin your journey as a Pokémon Trainer in Lavender Town. Following the appearance of a hooded man in Pokémon Tower, the whole region is now facing a great threat: a form of mysterious virus that turns Trainers and their Pokémon into mindless ghouls. It is up to you and your trusty friends, Selena and Erik, to find the roots of evil and spoil Team Nihilus’ plan. But who is your ally and who is your enemy in this adventure? You will meet the enigmatic scientist Lumos who is trying to find a cure for the virus, Kanto’s Clergy and Great Sage Stephano who is working towards his own agenda, powerful Gym Leaders, divine deities who will try to deceive you. The enemy forces are on the move, and the faith of the world rests in your hands.

  • New story, based on creepy pastas, famous glitches and general Pokémon lore
  • Pokémon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh & Unova
  • Characters from the main games, such as May, Dawn, Brendan and Ethan
  • Custom sprites, maps overworlds and color pallets
  • 8 Gym Badges and Elite Four
  • Custom evolutions

Pokemon Fire Red Rom Hack Download

Scarlet D: developer, maps

Megacyber: story, sprites, maps

Special thanks to: Kakos Xamos (story),

Pokemon Fire Red Randomizer Rom Hack Download

Solidius (sprites), Sapphire Wolf (Pokedex)

Pokemon Fire Red Hack Download

H4x0r4k0s (mapping)