George Orwell schreef:
Would I be missing much if I stopped trying to learn Perl well enough to use for
spidering, screen scraping etc. and converted over to PHP ? I am looking to do
all, or at least most of the hacks decribed in the books 'Spidering Hacks' and
'Perl & LWP'. I am familiar with the book 'Webbots, Spiders, and Screen Scrapers: A
Guide to Developing Internet Agents with PHP/CURL' Would anyone know of any other
sources of info related to this kind of thing ?
Roger H.
Hi Roger,
I am quite sure you can do whatever you want to do using PHP when it
comes to spidering/agents.
If you are familiar with Curl, you are on the right track.
I expect you can translate any Perl code to PHP if you understand both
I do not know of any dedictaed sources on the subject, but googling
around will surely give some relevant hits.
Some pointers (maybe you know this already)
If you need regular expressions, and I expect you will be using them, be
sure to use the PCRE flavor in PHP. (Perl Compaticle Regex)
The functionnames all start with preg_
The functions can be found here:
Using preg will safe you a headache when using Perl style regex.
If you use a database to store the information, I think your best bet is
using PDO to interface with the database of your choice, be it MySQL or
Postgresql, etc. (I am a fan of Postgresql)
A lot of info can be found here:
Hope this helps a little.
Good luck.
Erwin Moller
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