1. Subway Surfers Download Hack Game

There are the following cheats to the win the game.


Subway Runner is an outright clone of Subway Surfers, where even the settings are practically identical. In this case, you play a boy wearing a Brazil t-shirt, who's running away from Santa Claus because he was stealing presents. The gameplay in Subway Runner is identical to any other 3D.

Free Past Board Subway Surfers Cheats

This cheat gives you the Miami-Special Board for free. There are the following steps to this cheat.

  • Go to the settings on your device
  • Change the date and time to “May 30, 2013.”
  • Open the game and check your boards section
  • See if you got the Miami Special Board

(This cheat may also not work!)

Jetpack Jump

Jetpack Jump is a glitch using a jetpack. Here you can jump really high if you jump at the right moment. The steps to this cheat are:

  • Pick up a Jetpack
  • Swipe up quickly right after the jetpack runs out of fuel
  • See if your character jumps in the mid air
  • Swipe up quickly after you get the last coin
  • This glitch may also land you on top of the train

Back Forward Run

Back Forward Run is a rather amusing Subway Surfers Cheats glitch that allow your runner to run backward. Buy or get in the mystery box a mega head-start.

Back Forward Run (PC)

It let you start playing and die in a few seconds you begin. The steps to this cheat are

  • Just as you die, click on your head-start to activate it
  • You will fly back forward.
  • This step is very hard, so maybe you will need more than one try
  • (Note: Sometimes when you try to do it, it ends up occurring the “Moving Smoke” glitch)

Time Travel

This Subway Surfers Cheats will allow you to buy and remove limited edition characters, and other special mission within a limited time.Subway Surfers Mod APK But note that the scene will not change. The steps to this cheat are as following:

  • Go to your device’s setting and click “Date and Time.”
  • Set the time on stuff you want according to the time in the chart below
  • Set the time zone earlier or later to start an event earlier or end it later

Lucky Death

When you bump into an obstacle, you will just stand and run without moving. Until you move to another lane, continue the game.

  • When there is an obstacle in front of you and a train on the right (left) in a moment before death, turn to the side of the train quickly
  • Swipe in any direction to keep moving.


Hover-Mixture is a glitch which helps the jetpack act like a hover-board.

  • Activate a hover-board
  • Wait until the hover-board ends
  • When the hover-board ends, pick up a jetpack quickly

How to play the Subway Surfers Cheats?

Tap on the screen of your tablets or android phones to make the character (Jade) run. Swipe right, left to move the character accordingly. Swipe up to make him jump. Run along with collecting all the coins placed in the way.

How does the game end?

As long as the character runs without hitting into any obstacle, the game goes on smoothly. If he hits anything, he will be caught by the police inspector and the game will end.

What are the characters of the game?

The main character of the default is a teenage boy Jake who keeps on running throughout. Other characters are also there (male and female) which can be unlocked gradually. Two additional characters include inspector and his dog.

How to collect more in-game coins?

Don’t miss any coin while running. Run through the way where there are more coins placed. These are free coins which will help you gain many additional features, characters and gadgets. Paid coins are also there which can be purchased with the money.

Final words:

Above all, Subway Surfers is an exciting game for those who amuse themselves with a kind of little bit rebel. It’s a game with a story of adventure in it. Continuously, the boy is running away from the inspector by the fear of being caught! This gives a great thrill to the player. It is a fast paced, addictive action game. Play it skillfully, set high scores, help and challenge your friends. Connect to your friends with the online gameplay and reach the top of the leaderboard by defeating them all!

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