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  2. Wow Emu Hacker 3.3 5 Download

  • ArcEmu CORE !!!
  • Spells Working 94 %
  • Talents Working 90 %
  • All raids/instances scripted and spawned
  • IceCrown Citadel scripted and spawned 100 %
  • LichKing Fight
  • Vehicles Working
  • Battlegrounds and Arenas working 95 %
  • Map extractor
  • A lot of Tools (DB editor, GM Addon...)

Wow Emu Hacker

This is 100% Blizzlike ! No Custom !
1. Download the .rar and extract it to C:
2. Run Mysql.bat (TwistGaming.net RepackServer)
3. Run arcemu-logonserver and arcemu-world (TwistGaming.net RepackArcEmu folder)
4. Set your realmlist to 'Set realmlist'
5. Login with account : admin and password : admin
Credits go to TwistGaming and Ekstatic (Something from his release helped me to make this repack better)
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Wow Emu Hacker 3.3 5 Download

Wow 3.3.5 download full client
Download link yandex disk:
SCREEN: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
0.Added a system of auto turns in order to kick the target, you will not need to turn to it yourself, when it is necessary, it will turn itself.
1. Checks the target's hostility, distance to the target, kd of spells for kick
2. The menu can be urgently closed and minimized
3. Implemented a kick system for pets(succubus, gargoyle)
4. There is a random system for kick time controls(streaming and casting spells)
5. There is a time controller for streaming and casting spells
6. There is a function for the robber, if the pets are far away, you can turn on the auto shs in the pet.
7. Before the kick, useful buffs are checked for targets such as the Hand of Protection, Divine Shield, Master Auras.
8. The system of enabling and disabling functions is indicated by minuses - and pluses+ also in blue and green.
9. There is a function for the warrior, jerk or intercept in succubus temptation if the temptation is applied on your partner.
10. System kika have war change racks + blow zubotychinoy and back, if same in the hands of odnoruchka and shield the hits blow shield, also ignored CD racks Berserk under kik and kik arrives instantaneously.
11. There is a function for the priest, if your kick is cd and you are near the goal, then a mental cry or deep horror in caste is used.
12. When you log in to each class, the addon checks what class it is and decides which spell to use for the kick system.
13. Built-in system for selecting goals for kika, i.e. you can choose one or all at once (target, focus, mousover, arena-1,2,3,4,5)
14. There is also a function to hang up after the kick target on the target that was kicked by the auto target selection system.
15. The base of the auto-kick is divided into 24 ticks, for each class into such categories as (control spells, heal spells, attacking spells) there are 6 classes to choose from that will kick auto-kick:
16. Paladin 2. Priest 3. Shaman 4. Mage 5. Warlock 6.Druid. On each class in ticks all those spells that are necessary for kick divided into several parts(Heal, Attack, Control)
17. If the auto-kick has not selected more than one active list of spells from a certain class, then the auto-kick will be triggered for all spells that are in wow.
18. The menu is written as safely as possible and the percentage of ban from anti-cheat at the moment is 1% and that is not a fact, because the script is written very cleverly.
19. The speed controller is installed.
20.Made a beautiful interface(not for everybody, but something happened)
the script works on the following wow localizations:
English (USA)
Portuguese (Brazilian)
Espanol (Mexican Spanish)
English (Oceanic)
English (EU)
Francais (French)
Deutsch (German)
Italiano (Italiano)
Portuguese (Portuguese)
Espanol (Spanish)
Simplified Chinese (Mainland China)
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
22.the localization system recognizes the language of the player's game and sets a russian or english description.